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Car Servicing & Mechanical Repairs

Don’t hurt your Car – It has Feelings Too!

The more you take care of your car – the better it performs, because just like you, your car likes to get treated with proper servicing time to time! And if you want top quality car service then look no further because we at Loui’s Performance can provide European Car Service like no other!

Whether you own a Mercedes or a BMW, any other European car – whether you are in Hoppers Crossing, Laverton, Point Cook, Werribee or anywhere else in Melbourne's West, we have the skills and expertise to service your car the right way!

Whenever you seek a car service provider, you want the best one to do the required work on your car. Having gained the repute of being reliable and a provider of quality car services, our impressive European Car Service will keep your car in top-notch condition, allowing it to run smoothly and allowing you to enjoy each ride basked in luxury and comfort.

No longer would you dread long drives; when we service your car, you would look forward to spending time on the road, going out, exploring, creating memories and getting enthralled on an adventurous trip with family, friends and close ones.

Small things can add up to big worries – small things that can be taken care of easily with our European Car Service. Things such as:

  • Tire inflation;
  • Quality and condition of wipers;
  • Oil and Air Filter condition;
  • Brake pads and disks;
  • Worn out shock absorbers;
  • Loose wires, etc.

These appear to be minor things but when they start giving you trouble they can make even a short trip to the grocery store a nightmare! Rather than gritting your teeth every time you hit a small bump on the road, let us at Loui’s Performance fix everything up with our car service!

We will perform total car service works on your valuable car taking special care of your car’s condition and ensuring it gets the best treatment. We give individualized attention to each car so that we may be able to customize our services according to the car’s requirements.

Our quality services will be executed well in time because we understand how inconvenient it could be for you to spend time without your car. Therefore, rather than spending excessive time without adding any value, our European Car Service focuses on providing quick quality service so you can be back in your car in no time at all!

For the best, wholesome and satisfying car service experience, contact us at Loui’s Performance. Our top-notch car service treatment will make sure your journeys are smooth and joyous! So schedule a trip and treat your car right! Give us a call at Loui’s Performance.

Don’t Get Rid of The Car – Get Rid of the Problem!

Therefore, as soon as your auto transmission alarms you for the needed attention, give us a call at Loui’s Performance and we will take care of your auto transmission!

Sooner or later, it is inevitable for your car to require a few tweaks here and there. At times, the nature of repairs could be extensive and complicated. With computerized systems and auto transmissions, you need someone reliable, trustworthy and capable to make car repairs – in other words - you need Loui’s Performance!

Why should you waste your time and energy arguing with auto mechanics, trying to make them understand how precious your car is and how it needs to be treated? Why not go to someone who understands your bond with your car and therefore takes special care in providing car services? At Loui’s Performance, we perform car repairs to each car with individualized attention – as if it were our own. From inspection to repairing to finishing, we take complete responsibility of providing quality car repairs services, thus ensuring your satisfaction with the car repairs made.

We can help you with the following automotive repairs:

  • Brake repairs;
  • Repairs to coolant systems;
  • Tires replacement, wheel alignment and balancing;
  • Repairs to ignition system;
  • Repairs to transmission – both manual and auto;
  • Fuel System Inspection & Repairs;
  • Repairs to Air Conditioning System, etc.

If your car is giving you trouble in any of the above-mentioned areas or any other area for that matter, even if it has undergone an accident, then we at Loui’s Performance will be more than happy to resolve the problem through our car repair services.

Then there are times when you feel like there is something wrong with your car but not sure what, in such situation our skilled inspection team will be more than happy to conduct a thorough inspection of your car and pinpoint the exact problem.

Of course, you do not want the car repairs to show and therefore, we at Loui’s Performance realize that the finishing after repair work has been done is as important as the repair work itself. The quality of the finishing can make it appear as if your car never underwent any sort of repair work and so we try our best to give your car the look of being as good as new with our top quality car repair finishing services.

Having over 20 years of experience as an auto mechanic, we can provide superior quality automotive repair services! So if you are looking for:

  • Automotive Repair Hoppers Crossing;
  • Automotive Repair Werribee;
  • Car Repair Hoppers Crossing or;
  • Car Repair Point Cook

Then look no further because we at Loui’s Performance have everything you need for your repairing your car, under one-roof.

If you are looking for automotive repairs in Hoppers Crossing or Werribee or you require services of car repair in Hoppers Crossing or Point Cook – or anywhere in Melbourne's West then all you need to do is place a call to us at Loui’s Performance and let us take over your car repair troubles!